Every now and then we hear from our customers that the set-up of call queues is a complex matter. Which it is! There are a lot of different possiblities and solutions in setting up a call queue (ACD) and that sometimes can make it difficult.

That is why we want to explain to you the advantages of a good working call queue and how to set it up. You will notice that your customer satisfaction wil go up!

What can you do with call queues?

With one or more call queues, the number of calls you can handle is almost unlimited. The only constraint is that one person can only take one phone call at a time.  That is why, during peak times, it is advised to use a call queue.

Usually the call queue is part of a phone menu (IVR) and for departments with a lot of call traffic. The callers will be placed in a queue and hear hold music or listen to a message. This way they know it is busy and they have to wait for a while.

As soon as an employee is free, the next caller will be presented to the employee. Usually the order in selecting an employee for the next call will be ‘first in, first out’  but other sequences are also possible. Selections can for instance be based on ‘least calls’  or ‘shortest calls’.

It is also possible to give employees some time after they hung up to administer their call. This is called ‘wrap up time’. During that time they will not get a new call.

The use of call queues can be extremely useful for medical practices or dentists, to handle phone consultations or the appointment phone. Also sales organisations and customer services with many incoming calles will benefit from a well thought out call queue.

Customer satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction will even improve further if you offer the callers the possibility of callback. That way, the caller can leave the queue but the call will still be there. It will automatically be presented to an employee later on and the pbx sets up the connection to call the customer.

If your call queue does not work properly or you wish to get more out of it, please let us know. We are happy to help you with the right settings, but we also like to assist you in working out which features in your call queue fit best in your organisation.


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