Modern enterprise voice solutions

We enable partners and resellers to better serve their customers with modern white-label and market oriented voice and PBX services.


Enterprise voice solutions

Axeos enables your company with contemporary solutions for connecting you and your team, your clients, and suppliers through voice, video, document-sharing, simultaneously, in conference, everywhere, anytime and using any device.


Why you should choose Axeos

Traditional voice through modern cloud solutions

Many companies still use traditional voice solutions. Increasingly these are replaced by flexible cloud services. The Axeos cloud-PBX doesn’t only replace but also adds numerous extra features like a fully operational contact center, user-friendly management tools, integration options with mobile devices and CRM-software. It all comes standard.

The moment your client calls, you will know all

Information is key to improve customer-satisfaction and to generate new opportunities. Axeos integrates the voice-world with most commonly used CRM-platforms and does so in an easy way. Now incoming calls really can become revenue-generators.

All features of your desk phone when you're out

With all converging technologies the mobile and fixed world couldn’t be left behind. Sharing documents, conferencing, using the corporate phonebook, forwarding, etc, should not be limited to your desk phone. Axes adds her fixed-mobile solution to cloud platform to satisfy this great need so you can continue your work through your cell-phone when you leave your office.

Learn to know how and why

Cloud isn’t just technology, it’s an instrument to improve our lives. Us who are living, working, developing and selling the cloud should start from there. The experienced Axeos trainers guide you from both a technological and commercial perspective in understanding your clients and their needs to be able to effectively position the extensive features or the Axeos cloud-PBX.

Never letting you and your client down

Ease of mind is offered by the Axeos support team to every reseller and their clients. All roles are clearly defined and all responsibilities that come with it. Axeos will back you up with all requests you’ll receive both in pre-sales as in after-sales. Pro-actively we take measures if we anticipate any problem and report according to service level agreements. Continuity first.

Together doing great business

Collaboration in a new way with both partners and resellers. Most of the time this collaboration is virtual. Axeos offers a portal for partners and resellers to increase their success-rate in their market. Blogs, spec-sheets, case studies, social media, etc, is available and expanded with all input that comes though you. Axeos gladly supports resellers in improving their business; today and tomorrow.