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The six value-propositions of the Axeos cloud-PBX

Easy start & you

  • No installation headaches
  • Ready in a few clicks
  • Easy customisation per user
  • Auto-provisioning of SIP-and softphones


With your internet IP-address your Axeos cloud-PBX is just a few clicks away from being fully operational. Customizing the configuration per user within the configuration tool is easy, clear and user-friendly. Within the Axeos cloud-PBX both SIP-phones and soft-phones are auto-provisioning as soon as they are plugged in or activated on the network.

Management & you

  • Quick anticipation on changes
  • Use of internal or external resources
  • Choose your own profile
  • Easy adjusting to the organization needs
  • High availability
  • Secure
  • In trusted hands of your ICT-partner


Management&Control module

  • Separate portal offering a simplified end-user interface
  • Through its layered hierarchy it is easy to set up, configure and manage sub-PBX’s within your cloud-PBX
  • Manage license and license options
  • Manage all virtual servers the cloud-PBX is running on
  • Easily in-or outsource the management of the cloud-PBX
  • Manage performance and costs; supports the use of GSM-dialers and other providers of fixed and mobile telephony
  • Manage firmware and firmware upgrades
  • Enables processing of changes in bulk
  • User-friendly facilitating in moves, adds and changes within the cloud-PBX-configuration
  • User-friendly facilitating in moves, adds and changes of template defined defaults for passwords, firewall etc.
  • Collect and show reports on billing data per cloud-PBX to staff and to end-users
  • Audit reports to show who has done what actions from which IP address

Intelligent profiling

  • You can set profiles that pre-sets the menu your customer can see or edit
  • Make multiple profiles for your own staff or support desk or customer
  • Hide-options to protect valuable information in your SIP trunk setting, firewall etc.
  • For cost-control-purposes profiles can be based on cost-related routing (destinations, call-duration, time-dependent, etc)

Great support

  • Great support will be supplied by your trusted reseller
  • The reseller may trust on the skilled support-team of Axeos for back-up and 2nd line support

Collaboration & you

  • Optimized use of client information
  • No complicated third-party system integration
  • Fully supports and integrates cell phones
  • Conferencing anywhere
  • Easy use of Outlook with open plugins
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Fax to e-mail


Fixed-mobile solutions

  • All cell phones that are registered as a SIP-phone within the cloud-PBX can operate as if it were a desk-phone
  • All cloud-PBX-features and profile is available to the user even (video-) conferencing services
  • Freedom of choice: the cloud-PBX will be operational independent your preferred supplier for mobile and fixed telephony

Windows and MAC desktop CRM connectors

  • Let the cloud PBX communicate with any application server in your company using common industry standards
  • Create powerful call center tools for management and monitoring
  • Enables screen pop-ups from your CRM or database
  • Pre-configured for common applications like Salesforce, Exact, medical/care CRM packages
  • Click to dial from any windows application
  • Click to dial from your browser
  • Dial from outlook
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email


  • Fully and direct supports conferencing from any phone or party extension.
  • Fully supports video-conferencing
  • Video-conferencing and outlook can be fully integrated
  • Availability of conference-rooms; your conference can easily be upgraded with online document-sharing and presentation-tools

Flexibility & you

  • Fully supports flexible workforce
  • Availability of all features anywhere
  • Fully supports multi-tenant
  • Easy integratie with third-party resources
  • Numerous popssibilities for switchen and routing



  • Let your people log on to their phone and PBX anytime, anywhere
  • While being logged in on any phone, all your PBX features and settings are available
  • The receptionist post has one view on the status of your phone
  • All employees have access to both their own as the company phonebook

Smart call-routing

  • Flexible and vast amount of call routing options are available, which can be grouped in a routine in order to re-use or make complex routing possible
  • The call routing options are available in all sections where routing is needed like IVR, for local extensions and can be:
  • Time-based
  • Condition-based
  • Based on caller-ID (phone-number, account-number, ticket-number etc)
  • Based on individual switching-rules
  • Based on external input
  • Routing to specific in-house or outsourced call pick up groups
  • Status-based: Do not disturb (DND), in queue, forwarded, etc
  • Or a windows application based call

Smart switching

  • Powerful tool that can be compared to the good old night switch, though with many more capabilities like schedule-based switching to who is on duty
  • Link custom sounds to as switch to inform callers about the options
  • office: automatically switch on emergency calling when all agents are busy
  • Remotely (dialing, web or based on conditions) switch on/off where you want your personal calls to go to
  • Use time to automatically re-route calls and change at will via the web when your plans change
  • Automate call duty for service staff, automatically change who is on duty no need for your customer to decide who to call, the PBX does that
  • Forwarding of a party extension number to a pre-selected hunt-group
  • (Anonymous) blocking of selected callerID’s.
  • Blocking of or forwarding to selected numbers based on callerID
  • Input-dependent switching through the keypad of the phone (account-number, service-ticket, pincode, etc.
  • There is an unlimited amount of switches to define


  • Within your company or office building you can make a separation as of there are multiple tenants or merge multiple tenants to one
  • provide enhanced PBX services for shared office buildings,
  • for full blown large tenants, single-sided or multi-sided, with several subsidiaries or departments you simply provide their own dedicated virtual PBX
  • They will all work together as one or independently without any loss of features

Access & you

  • Improved customer-satisfaction
  • Optimization of resources
  • Cost-reduction
  • Image-improvement
  • Extended supervisor-tools
  • Easy access to all client-information


Receptionist module

  • The receptionist module can be shared with many persons.
  • Receptions staff can work from any location when and where they want
  • and share the same view of the inbound call traffic and grab calls from your busy colleagues on the fly
  • It even looks the same for fixed-mobile call solutions (GSM as PBX phone).
  • While waiting Music on Hold (USB, CD, online radio etc) can be differentiated per caller-profile (local, national, international, mobile, client-ID, etc)

Call center/ACD

  • Up to 200 agents can log-in from wherever they are
  • Allowing multiple ACD-groups within one cloud-PBX
  • All ACD-groups can be configured with a independent set of routing, switching, conditions, CRM-interfaces, reports, etc
  • Agents can be logged-in on multiple ACD-groups
  • ACD-groups can be selected through the menu in the IVR or can have a direct-access.
  • Extended reporting-module per ACD-group and for the full contact center available to one or more supervisors (call pick-up-time, call-duration, abandoned calls, etc per agent and queue)
  • Performance of the ACD-group can be presented through the wall-display-output
  • Extended recording-features for training and coaching purposes
  • Multiple options for interfaces with CRM-, online, office and other applications
  • Allow internal call transfer including prioritized call in front of queue
  • Automate dialing via PBX API or CRM plugin
  • Combine Call-me-back function into queue
  • Screen-pop-ups with CRM-input based on the callerID

Continuity & you

  • Data storage in trusted hands
  • Recorded calls easy accessible
  • Future-proof with HTML5 and IPv6
  • Highly secured against hacking
  • Login anywhere
  • Storage of all information and settings


Data storage

  • Unattended automated call recording
  • Automatically spool recording to external server for long-term storage
  • Ad-hoc recording for recording of a single call on the fly
  • Storage of call-records in the cloud depending on number of calls and storage-duration
  • Calls through the call center can be supervised near real-time and can be logged for training-purposes
  • Extended tools for storing call detail records both on an external server as in the cloud for cost-allocation-purposes, tracking call-destinations, etc


  • As a characteristic for cloud-services your cloud-PBX always runs on the latest fully tested version and all updates are provided without any extra costs
  • This cloud-PBX fully supports IPv6; with this IPv4-standard limitations imposed by other providers will not hold you back
  • All networking features with IPv4 and/or IPv6 will be available to you.
  • Enhanced HTML5 web-based user interface
  • Provides advanced user-interface features as drag&drop
  • Consistent look & feel
  • Great user experience as if it is a native desktop application
  • Features access anytime anywhere


  • The cloud-PBX provides a built-in firewall
  • Each PBX has its own network stack allowing for their own access-lists. No need for complex work, you can maintain it yourself or your support staff. Rules can be applied per department or subsidiary.
  • Support each customer with their own security policies
  • The abuse prevention module protects against brute force attacks on SIP and on SSH

Why you should choose Axeos

Traditional voice through modern cloud solutions

Many companies still use traditional voice solutions. Increasingly these are replaced by flexible cloud services. The Axeos cloud-PBX doesn’t only replace but also adds numerous extra features like a fully operational contact center, user-friendly management tools, integration options with mobile devices and CRM-software. It all comes standard.

The moment your client calls, you will know all

Information is key to improve customer-satisfaction and to generate new opportunities. Axeos integrates the voice-world with most commonly used CRM-platforms and does so in an easy way. Now incoming calls really can become revenue-generators.

All features of your desk phone when you're out

With all converging technologies the mobile and fixed world couldn’t be left behind. Sharing documents, conferencing, using the corporate phonebook, forwarding, etc, should not be limited to your desk phone. Axes adds her fixed-mobile solution to cloud platform to satisfy this great need so you can continue your work through your cell-phone when you leave your office.

Learn to know how and why

Cloud isn’t just technology, it’s an instrument to improve our lives. Us who are living, working, developing and selling the cloud should start from there. The experienced Axeos trainers guide you from both a technological and commercial perspective in understanding your clients and their needs to be able to effectively position the extensive features or the Axeos cloud-PBX.

Never letting you and your client down

Ease of mind is offered by the Axeos support team to every reseller and their clients. All roles are clearly defined and all responsibilities that come with it. Axeos will back you up with all requests you’ll receive both in pre-sales as in after-sales. Pro-actively we take measures if we anticipate any problem and report according to service level agreements. Continuity first.

Together doing great business

Collaboration in a new way with both partners and resellers. Most of the time this collaboration is virtual. Axeos offers a portal for partners and resellers to increase their success-rate in their market. Blogs, spec-sheets, case studies, social media, etc, is available and expanded with all input that comes though you. Axeos gladly supports resellers in improving their business; today and tomorrow.

We are happy to give you a demo! Contact us.