UC Manager

UC Manager

  • Query your CRM for more details with a single click.
  • Click-to-dial from all Microsoft Office applications, from browsers and Outlook.
  • Click-to-dial from Apple Contacts and webbrowsers.
  • Click-to-dial by selecting a number in any application using a hotkey.
  • Display pop-ups on inbound calls.

The UCM application is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. Find the installation instructions in our knowledge base.

Download for Windows Download for MacOS

The Axeos UC Manager (UCM) desktop application enables you to call any phone numbers you see in Office and Office365-applications, Apple Contacts, websites or web applications by simply clicking the phone number instead of manually dialing it. Click to call.

Are you using web-based CRM/ERP systems? Then you don’t need overpriced third party integrations any longer because we are enabling you today with our CRM connectors.


The CRM-connectors are fully integrated into our UC Manager. If you’re already using UCM you will only need to configure your CRM’s settings. If you’re not yet using UCM then it’s an easy & quick installation. We will be adding more connectors.

Do you want to know if we’re developing a connector for your CRM? Just ask us. If it’s not already on our shortlist we can add it.