Axeos Phone

Our softphone for Android and iPhone smartphones has arrived! (requires Axeos PBX 4.1.2 or higher)

The Axeos Phone allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere via the Axeos PBX. The app supports push notifications, you can receive VoIP calls when your device is in standby mode, saving your battery. The app alerts you on inbound calls just as phone does when you recieve a regular GSM call.

It provides:

  • one number strategy: all calls to your office phone can go to your smartphone
  • make and receive calls with your office number to/from your smartphone
  • Receive calls on both your smartphone and on your desktop phone at the same time
  • PBX functions available like transfer, call recording, conference calls, hold
  • time scheduling to receive business calls according to your work schedule

The PUSH functionality is configured for you and does not need further action for activation.

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