Research shows that waiting on hold always ranks among the top three causes of customer frustration. Being on-hold for a long time when contacting a company is a top customer frustration. The good news is that a callback service ensures that your customers don’t have to be put on hold if they don’t want to.

There are many benefits to introducing this service into your phone support operations, including:

– Improve the experience;
– Reduce call abandonment rate;
– Manage high volumes;
– Decrease costs;
– Boost employee morale.

Luckily, Axeos offers the functionality of queue callback. You don’t need to buy extra licenses or purchase enything: it is already part of the standard functionality in your pbx!

You can choose how to use the callback functionality, there are numerous possibilities.

You could for instance choose to give callers the opportunity to be called back on the telephone number they are calling from. You can also give them the opportunity to be called back on another phone number. Even for the anonymous caller there is a solution.

As soon as the caller chooses to be called back, the pbx will gather all required information and then add the phone number of the caller to the call queue. As soon as it is this number’s turn in the queue, an available agent will get it and the pbx will start the connection with the caller automatically.

We have written an article about how to set this up. If you have any question, you can always ask us. We are happy to assist you in setting up your call queue in the most effective way.