Whether you are a reseller or a client, Axeos has everything needed to run your business optimally. With our solution we can support our resellers to deliver their clients what they need. That way, the clients can increase productivity, improve their competitive advantage and thus letting their business grow.

Research shows that the infrastructural future is hybrid. This means fixed telephony and mobile merge into each other. There is no longer a difference between your landline number and your mobile number, both are routed to your cloud pbx.  This ensures employees are easily contactable at all times, both by internal staff and customers, wherever they are.

“Manage and use your telephony in complete mobility, without the limitations and inconveniences due to travel.”

Your company can be reached on several devices and at a glance you can see which colleagues are available or busy. You can make a call with one telephone number from different devices and you can answer an incoming call on your mobile, your desk-phone or even with your tablet or laptop. Furthermore you can make use of a wide array of functionalities like call forwarding, group distribution etc.

Because al  phone traffic runs through your own pbx, you have full control over the calling behaviour of your organisation. You can proactively monitor, manage and configure whatever you want. You also have insight in and control over all telephony costs in one place. Scaling up is easy and fast: no third party dependency.

Functionality as needed

For our products and services you pay a fixed amount per month and for that you get a full working pbx, incuding maintenance, uptime guarantee and service. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time to fit your needs.

Simplicity in management

Employees have the possibility to set their availability on their mobile app and the desktop. All software, on mobile, desktop or tablet, have the same look and feel and the same user experience,

  • you do not need dedicated office spaces;
  • choose whether incoming calls should ring simultaneously on devices;
  • Softphone via desktop and mobile app.

Extra functionalities

Axeos offers extra functionalities that add up to advantages of the fixed-mobile integration.

Unified Communications
With Unified Communications you can see if a colleague is available, busy or away in real time. Via the mobile app and the desktop application you can chat with your colleagues.

Interactive Menu (IVR)

With Interactive menus, every caller will be routed to the right menu or hears the right message. This way you can make sure incoming calls are swiftly distributed to the right person.

ACDs (call queues)

Thanks to the technique of Automatic Call Distribution, incoming calls can automatically be placed in a queue.

Fixed-mobile integration is the future-proof solution for your company. We are happy to look with you at the possibilities and wishes in your organization. Together we can see which solution fits best and how a fixed mobile integration can contribute to the success and growth of the organization.