12 reasons to upgrade to Axeos 4.0

Axeos PBX 4.0 was released today! It was a lot of work, but I’m sure you’ll like it. It is an important new version and it’s going to allow us to build even more features faster that will benefit your company massively. Here’s why you should upgrade:

  1. Security. You care about the security of your clients and so do we. The Axeos PBX 4.0 uses the newest security measures without making security difficult to manage. Like it should.
  2. Reliable. Trust is valuable. In 4.0 we employ many innovations to ensure the highest level of reliability.
  3. New and responsive user interface. You want a PBX that’s easy to administer for both you and the end-users. We’ve improved the user experience and looks to enable you to easier manage the telecommunication needs of your customers.
  4. API & CRM connectors. The options are almost limitless when you start connecting your applications to the PBX. We are giving you a boost by releasing several CRM connectors in Q1 & Q2. Our API facilitates a quick, open standards based, way to connect any of your software. No vendor lock-in.
  5. Route calls based on input like postal codes or customer id’s. For instance provide a faster service and a more targeted approach, your employees won’t have to search for contact information manually.
  6. Mobile phone integration. Working at home or while traveling has become so much easier with PBX 4.0. Wherever you are, you can be reached on your office number and you can dial out from your office number, using any phone. You can use your mobile phone, home phone or even the phone in your hotel room!
  7. Teleconferencing. Quickly set up a professional teleconferencing the moment you need it, using your Axeos PBX. Modify and manage it as you wish.
  8. Desktop, laptop, phone. You want to have it all connected and see who calls you by using your phone book. Simply click a number to call.
  9. Using more than one phone? So do we, and our PBX supports it. Choose which phones to recieve calls on, which one to dial out from, and still use your own caller id.
  10. Zero-touch provisioning. Your phones are automatically configured by the Axeos PBX.
  11. Reception module. In a busy office you want to see in an instant who’s available and be able to transfer calls. You can drag & drop calls, and use the interface with several receptionists, at different locations. Never miss an inbound call ever again.
  12. Presence + queues. Customer experience during telephone calls will be greatly improved when you’re able to route calls to the right colleague because you see who’s available in a blink of an eye. Callers can even decide to step out of the queue and choose to be called back.

Bonus: Want more? We’ve added role-based access management. You can assign and delegate access to various parts of the user interface to specific users or groups of users.

How to get it

Are you as excited as we are about this release? Contact your supplier and ask them about upgrading your system. Looking for a supplier? Let us know and we will help you.