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Time rules

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This editor helps you to define various forms of time rules that you need for your business. It ranges from simple office hours to complex time ranges per day. A time rules can hold several time entries, so you can define your holidays and business trips in one entry.

If desired you can set a schedule per person with flexible working hours.

An action will be executed if a time rule is true (e.g. the current time matches). See the actions in dialplan Inbound, Extensions and IVR. The time rules can be limited to a user group so each user group will only have their own set of rules.

If you click Add you can choose different kinds of time rules:

  • Week number: create rules based on week numbers;
  • Day of week: rule for a single day of the week (e.g. every Monday);
  • Days of week: make a range of days (e.g. from Monday to Wednesday: this includes Wednesday);
  • Date: a single date (e.g. 12 December 2020);
  • Date range: set a range based on date. The ‘to’ date is inclusive; e.g. from 12-dec-2020 to 20-dec-2020 includes the 20th of December 2020;
  • Date range and time: same as date range but set the time range on days in between as well. (from 12/12/2020 09:00 to 20/12/2020 17:00 means from 9:00-17:00 on all days within the range);
  • Time range one day: set time range for a specific day of the week (e.g. Mondays between 09:00 and 17:00);
  • Time range any day: a time range that applies to all days (e.g. between 09:00 and 17:00).

An example of general opening hours.

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