Snom phonebook search

Snom phonebook search

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It is possible to install a separate addon for Snom phones called ‘Snomdir’ which allows access to the central Phone book on the pbx. It also provides a search function. Send a message via our contact page to acquire access.

Function Key configuration

After installing an addon you need to edit Function Key Directory value. On Snom phones it is possible to edit this in the Snom management webinterface of the phone. To do so, point your browser to the phone’s IP address.

If you have used earlier versions, please note that the URL for snomdir has changed to /services/snomdir/ instead of /lsp/xad/snomdir/. You should therefore use https://pbxip:442/services/snomdir/snomdir or https://pbxip/services/snomdir/snomdir or http://pbxip/services/snomdir/snomdir (it will be redirected automatically). If the phone is properly provisioned it already has a PBX certificate. If not, you need to download this and install it in the phone manually.

Snom 300

Replace type ‘Key Event’ with ‘Action URL’: this will change ‘Directory’ to value ‘F_ADR_BOOK’.
Replace the value ‘F_ADR_BOOK’ with https://pbx.ip:442/services/snomdir/snomdir where pbx.ip is the IP address of the PBX,
(e.g. if your PBX IP address is, your value should be

From now on your functional key for snomdir is ready to use.

Snom 320 and 360

Replace the URL ‘http://pbxIP/services/snom/phonebook.xml’ with http://pbxIP:442/services/snomdir/snomdir where pbxIP is the IP address of the PBX
(e.g. if your PBX IP address is then your value should be

Snom 710/715

The Snom 710 and D715 phones don’t support action url’s for the dirkey so you need to use one of blf keys for this purpose.

Other 7xx and 8xx phones

These phones are equal to Snom 320 and 360 types.

Search function

The search function can be activated by pressing # key on the phone dialpad.

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