Permission profiles

Permission profiles

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A profile with permissions can be linked to phones, user accounts and outbound trunks, so you can control which numbers can be dialed. You can do this specific for a phone or for the whole PBX.

A possible scenario is to make a very restrictive profile, only allowing 112, and have that assigned to a phone. When no one is logged on to that phone, one can only dial 112 and nothing else. When a user logs on with *81 and pin code , the permission of the user is applied and he can dial any number allowed in his profile.

Adding or editing a permission profile

The edit screen allows you to define patterns. You do not need to worry about the order. The PBX will sort it correctly for you.

Permission profiles

Pattern: what to use to match a number
Type: should the matching occur on an internal or external number
Allowed: if checked then allow, otherwise deny
Comment: free text

The following rules apply for a pattern:

If the pattern starts with underscore “_” it will try to match. Without it, the pattern must match exactly in order to be true. For example “123”
A pattern can have several operators:
X: any single number from 0-9
Z: any single number from 1-9
. (=dot): any one or more numbers

Example: _XXXX would only match numbers in the form of 1034 or 0234 etc.

If you would like to block calls to e.g. premium-rate numbers in the Netherlands (like 0900), you would add a rule that disallows _0900.

See pattern matching for more information.

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