Music on hold

Music on hold

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The menu Services/Music on hold helps you to import and convert the sound files your callers will hear in the ACD, when put on hold, or when a call is parked. It is also played in the Reception Module when the ‘Answer and put on hold’ is set to ‘Yes’.

When you upload the sound file, the system converts it into the appropriate format that compresses the sounds. Please be aware that music files use a lot of disc space, so it is recommended to check storage status for available space before uploading.

Please note that music can be copyrighted so you may need a license to play it.

If you uploaded multiple sound files, the pbx will randomly select from the available MoH files. You cannot influence this.


Music on Hold

You can upload MP3 and wav-format.

  • Select music: browse your PC and select sound file.
  • Volume: adjust it so when played the sound level is convenient.
  • Tab User groups: it is possible to assign each user group their own music on hold.
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