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    MTR combines traceroute and ping in a single network diagnostic tool. It is a useful network troubleshooting tool which investigates the network connection between the host in which it runs and a destination host specified by user.

    The MTR will show you a list of routers traversed and the average round trip time and packet loss.

    • Host name: host which you will want to use to diagnostic test
    • DNS loockup: determines if host names should be looked up in DNS
    • Loss% – shows the percentage of packet loss at each hop
    • Snt – shows the number of packets sent
    • Rcv – shows the number of packages received;
    • Last – shows the latency of the last packet sent
    • Avg – shows you the average response time of the ping attempts.
    • Best – shows the best (shortest) ping response time out of all the attempts.
    • Wrst – shows the worst (longest) response time of all the ping attempts.
    • StDev – shows the standard deviation of the latencies to each host
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