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    The license grants the licensee permission to use (modules of) the PBX. It defines how many phones/users you have and what modules can be used. It’s content information is shown as below:

    • Licensed to: Your Client
    • Validity: status
    • Comment: description
    • Ative phones/ports: maximum number of phones/users/ports
    • Valid since: start date
    • Valid until: expiration date
    • Install License: enter a new key


    Example: say you have a licence installed that has “Max sip accounts: 15” and “axeos phones: 7”. This means:

    • You can have 7 users that each have an Axeos Phone, or 1 user with 7 axeos phones (although you are not likely to use the latter).
    • You can have 15 users that each have a phone added in ‘phones tab’. You can have an unlimited amount of users without any devices, e.g. admin accounts.
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