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    IP Sets

    IPset support is introduced as of Axeos PBX version 4.1.10. The menu System/IPset allows you to control lists of IP-addresses that can be blacklisted or whitelisted. The built-in lists enable you to block or allow countries, and in addition to this we also added a list of know VoIP abusers, to help protect you against VoIP Fraud and other harmful traffic to your PBX.

    Please ensure you have whitelisted your own public IP before starting to use IPsets to prevent locking yourself out.

    There are 4 default definitions:

    • ipv4:country:nl
    • ipv6:country:nl
    • sets:nl (both ipv4:country:nl and ipv6:country:nl)
    • ipv4:voipbl (de eerder genoemde VoIP Blacklist)

    These four are enabled by default, so you can use them in the firewall. You can see that they are enabled by the green icon on the left of each item.

    Enabled IPsets can then be added to the firewall as allowed or blocked using the ‘add’ action and then choosing ‘IPset’ instead of IP address.

    Note: IP sets used in firewall rules cannot be disabled.



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