Conference rooms

Conference rooms

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The PBX includes conference room functionality. There is no restriction to the number of rooms you can set up.

Configure a Conference room and assign it either to an extension, IVR, routine or inbound number.


  • Room number: number to refer to
  • Description: free text to describe the character of the conference room
  • Pin code: the code to be able to enter the queue.
  • Max members: the maximum number of users allowed in the room. The system limit is 20.
  • MoH when empty: play Music on Hold sound files as long as there is no one is in the conference room.
  • Quiet: Disables all conference room sounds.
  • Announce user count
  • Announce user count to all
  • Announce only user
  • Announce user name
  • Allow to review introduction

Conference administration

Via Status/Conferences you can mute/unmute people in your conference or even remove them of the conference. By default the pbx admin has access to this menu, and you can create a role to give other users access.

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